Rustic Pool House built by Green Guys in St. Louis, MO using recycled barn wood. · · ·

Project Details

The Green Guys design team were faced with yet another challenge when taking on this backyard pool project.

The homeowners tasked Green Guys with transforming their sloping backyard into an easily accessible pool area with plenty of usable patio space.

With the approach of cutting into the hill on the upper side and framing it out with massive boulders, and supporting the lower end with a functionally strong and aesthetically pleasing boulder retaining wall, they were able to create a level space for both a pool and several hundred square feet of patio space around the pool.

Taking advantage of the naturally sloping yard, Green Guys built in a waterfall feature with a twist. Across the top of the waterfall sits a small wading/sitting spa area perfect for relaxing with a glass of wine. The water from the spa then flows over the falls and into the pool.

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